UniStock MK1, can be upgraded to UniStock MK1 PRO, using Upgrade Bundle

Magnetic & Permanent locks

Uni is equipped with a standard magnetic system, present in every gun stock and a permanent locking system. The activation\deactivation button is located below the controllers’ cups. When the system is on, the aluminum 15mm\3mm\38mm part will move through 2/3 of the cups. This will block your handles mechanically (there is 0.5 mm tolerance from all sides of the aluminum part to the insides of the cups, which results in some looseness which isn’t noticeable during play). Buttons are equipped with magnets in strategic positions to maximize the reliability and minimize the force needed to switch the buttons. Improved strength, thanks to the 2xM3 steel rods going through the system.

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Pump Action function

The aiming handle is upgraded with 8 rolls, 2 from every side. Rolls are placed on smooth axises and the entire mechanism is treated with WD40 for maximum friction reduction. There is an additional extension of plastic above the rail on the aiming handle. This allows for mounting the retraction band. The top mounted retraction system will make a pump shotgun experience even smoother, thanks to proper forces distribution. The user can set the distance for both the hook, the rubber band and the whole system itself. The retraction system is also your front handle boundary. To turn on the pump shotgun system, unscrew the bottom screw on the front handle. The amount of tension and the distance of pump action can be adjusted. Normally, the stock comes with the loosest setup by default. This allows for using pump shotguns without permanently locking the front handle. If you wish to increase the tension by shortening the band and/or the hook distance, remember to permanently lock your front handle. Magnets won’t be enough. The hook is equipped with an additional slot for a bolt which is included in the package. The problem with rubber band shooting out is no more.

X,Y Axis adjustable butt

The user can set the butt position on a 2D surface at once, instead of 1D single direction. This will allow you to set your butt position, best suited for assault rifles, sniper rifles, heavy machine guns, SMGs and all types of shotguns (all two handed weapons).

Quick switch 2.0

This system allows you to switch between any two guns (ex. assault/sniper rifle, iron sighted shotgun/heavy machine gun with holo sight (like Pavlov VR)) within a few seconds. The PVC pipe is equipped with two blockers on both ends with automatic X-axis retraction. These are freely adjustable and can be locked by screwing the screw through a steel nut inside the blocker. User can predetermine his setup, so he can change between two given guns, instantly.

Y axis block

Y-axis blockade

This part will add an option, to set Your butt, between two presetted positions. Thanks to this upgrade, user finally can freely switch between two given guns, without any thinking, klick counting etc.

2-point sling system

This will allow You to mount the “Tactical, Bungee cord-2-point Sling”, to every possible spot that You can think of, on Your Uni PRO.

Controller straps

Controller straps make the overall experience better and give the user the ability to use straps with or without the gunstock. It will block some of the functions of the UniStock, but it will also be great for games without a gunstock.

Dome & Railed PVC

The Dome will make Your leaver, always at the same tension. This means that whatever You will set for Your leaver movement, now can be permanently saved. Use super glue to glue the Dome. The Railed PVC will serve You as a guide, that will keep Your butt always straight, with the rest of the Gunstock.

Hip Holster

This thing is a next level kind of gaming experience. Being able to lock Your stock onto Your hip, and be truly “Free Handed”, will make Your utility handling, such as grenades, handguns etc., much more immersive, and accurate. The ability to get rid of Your device IS one of the most important parts of it.

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