Upgrade bundle

Tiltable Butt + Auto X-axis retraction

This butt can be easily tilted, to provide the most comfortable position for the user. Thanks to the X-axis retraction system, user can make gun switches very fast. Combining the X-axis retraction with Y-axis blockade, will result in an amazing, fast paste gun switch.

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Y-axis blockade

This part will add an option, to set Your butt, between two presetted positions. Thanks to this upgrade, user can quickly switch between two given guns, without any thinking, klick counting etc.

2-point sling system

This will allow You to mount the “Tactical, Bungee cord-2-point Sling”, to every possible spot that You can think of, on Your Uni PRO.

Dome & Railed PVC

The Dome will make Your leaver, always at the same tension. This means that whatever You will set for Your leaver movement, now can be permanently saved. Use super glue to glue the Dome. The Railed PVC will serve You as a guide, that will keep Your butt always straight, with the rest of the Gunstock.

Hip Holster

This thing is a next level kind of gaming experience. Being able to lock Your stock onto Your hip, and be truly “Free Handed”, will make Your utility handling, such as grenades, handguns etc., much more immersive, and accurate. The ability to get rid of Your device IS one of the most important parts of it.

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